There are numerous ways to avoid fraud and scams in the martial arts. Take these precautions and you should be able to assure yourself that you will avoid the martial arts fraud that is trying to take money from you and not provide the actual martial art that you intended. Please contact us through this website or through or main website and we will assist you.

It is our goal that you find these pages a great first step in your search for authentic self defense for real world situations.

Carter Hargrave Fraud Program Eliminating Martial Arts Scams In Karate,MMA, and Kung Fu

Carter Hargrave the director of multiple martial arts associations and federations has founded this anti fraud program putting in place safeguards in an attempt eliminate all fraud in the famous art of legendary actor and martial artist Bruce Lee. Fraud and scams are prevalent in Jeet Kune Do and Hargrave's system weeds out the fakes by offering the public authentic teachings that were not available in many parts of the world until Hargrave's International group of over eight thousand members took Jeet Kune Do mainstream.

While there have been fakes and frauds in the Bruce Lee kung fu style for years, it is becoming a serious problem the further away from the United States that you go.

Asia remains one of the big problems for martial arts fraud.

Carter Hargrave is working non stop to make the real martial arts available worldwide to those that cant find a legitimate teacher, as well as to keep the fake training dvd's and books away from the public.

Help us in our efforts to support legitimate teachers. Scams and fraud in the martial arts hurt everyone.

One of the questions that we get asked all the time is "So how do you spot a fraud or a scam in the particular martial art". You start with the art that you are wanting to partake in, and contact several associations. You can judge alot by the response that you receive. Many times you will not hear anything due to the websites being a fraud themselves.

Check out the teachers credentials or resume online and through word of mouth or through martial arts associations and organizations.

For the art of Bruce Lee you must be sure that there is a direct line to the master himself. Direct lineage it is called is when the teachers teacher was at the Lee school or Bruce Lee. The closer to Lee of course the better. Since there few first generation Bruce Lee students living or teaching your best bet now is second generation. Lineage to Bruce Lee is essential, and without it they are fakes.

The school or teacher can sometimes have added a bunch of other martial arts or program arts into the teaching that they offer at the school you are looking into. Bruce Lee utilized only three main martial arts in his system.

If there are several arts that were not in the original that you have researched you are on the track of finding non legitimacy or fraud.

You can contact Chief Instructor